We appreciate there is a lot for landlords to consider right now, but you cannot overlook health and safety. Nottingham landlords must ensure their tenants receive a high standard of service, and this means complying with regulations.
The stamp duty holiday has encouraged activity in the housing market. Analysis of the market suggests there is a huge number of buyers looking for property, and that prices are rising.
2020 has been an extremely challenging year. However, even in facing so many challenges, the UK housing market has performed stronger than many people have expected or predicted. The UK is officially in a recession, but demand for homes is high, and a leading property portal expects prices to remain consistent for the rest of the year.
A more attractive rental yield is likely to play a key role in persuading landlords to buy additional property, therefore expanding the supply of rental property in an area. In the long-term, this is also of benefit to tenants.
Even though the UK is currently in a recession, there is every indication the housing market is performing strongly right now. A lot of industry experts are declaring the housing market is bouncing back, and there are statistics to support this claim.

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