According to media reports, the stamp duty holiday will continue until the end of June. This decision will be part of the Budget in early March.
A lot has been written about homeowners selling up and moving out of cities into suburban areas and more rural settings. Given everything that has taken place in the past year, this can’t be a surprise.
It is fair to say the events of the past year has affected us all, and in many different ways. One area that has been notable in Nottingham is the impact on the student population, and it has been noticeable how sizable this market is.
Valentine’s Day 2021 will be like no other. If you are charged with arranging this special occasion, you will be pleased to know many of the finest restaurants in the city are working hard to create something special.
When the stamp duty holiday comes to a close, it is inevitable there will be a drop-off in demand for homes.

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