We know the past year has been tough for landlords, and at HoldenCopley, we want to assist Nottingham landlords as best we can.
While buyers must consider a wide range of factors when considering property, in the current climate, it is fair to say parks and open spaces are crucial.
We all know the importance of green living, and it is fair to say many people make major decisions based on the environmental impact. It is therefore pleasing to see plans for a “Green Quarter” have been submitted to Nottingham City Council.
As you will be aware, on Monday 4 th January 2021, the Prime Minister addressed the nation, and said that once again, England would be in lockdown. With the lockdown potentially in place well into February, it is natural for people to question how this affects them.
When it comes to making the most of the local area, there is a lot to be said for utilising the canal and walkway. Nottingham is far from alone in having this sort of space, and there are calls for to revamp and revitalise this area.

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