We know the start of 2021 has been challenging. The latest lockdown is a blow for many people, but at HoldenCopley, we are still here to assist you. The housing market has remained open, and if you are looking for guidance or assistance, we can help.
It was announced on Friday 8 th January that eviction bans in England have been extended. Evictions could have started again on Monday 11 th January, but the latest announcement means eviction notices will not be served for another six weeks.
Being a landlord is difficult, and you have a lot of responsibilities. We know many landlords find this slightly overwhelming at times, which is why you need guidance and assistance.
It shouldn’t be a surprise that virtual viewings have risen considerably this year. At HoldenCopley, we know this is a common feature of the market place, and if you need any assistance in this matter, please get in touch, and we will be happy to assist you.
Being a landlord is difficult, and you have a lot of tasks to take care of. It is vital you balance your budget, and this means it is essential you understand the true costs of being a landlord.

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