While there are many different components to being a successful landlord, finding your ideal tenant is a crucial component. When you have a reliable and trusted tenant in your rental property, being a landlord is a more manageable activity.
There are many features which are important to buyers when looking for property, but car parking is crucial. Knowing you have a safe and secure parking spot for your car is an important feature for many buyers.
Being a landlord is difficult, and you have a lot of tasks to take care of. One of the most important tasks you have is knowing what your tenants are looking for.
While the stamp duty holiday has helped many people enter the housing market with confidence in recent weeks, it isn’t of benefit to everyone.
This has been an extremely challenging year for all of us, but it is easy to see why many student landlords have felt under considerable pressure this year. At HoldenCopley, we help many local landlords, and we know how important the student population is to the rental economy in the city.

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