Dedicated Parking Is Crucial In Housing Market

There are many features which are important to buyers when looking for property, but car parking is crucial. Knowing you have a safe and secure parking spot for your car is an important feature for many buyers.

It is comforting to know that your car is protected, and there is often an added bonus in more affordable premiums. If you can prove you have a safe parking space at home, you can find lower car insurance premiums. Given the cost of owning a car these days, anything which helps you save money is a positive thing.

You can’t rely on having a parking space outside your front door

However, if your property doesn’t have a garage or a private car space, you might not have a place you can rely on. A recent study suggests 60% of motorists they have a legal right to park in the spot directly outside of their home.

This makes sense, and it is certainly the “done thing”, but it isn’t true.

Hannah Parsons, a solicitor at DAS Law, said: “A homeowner has no special legal right to park directly outside their property. All road users have the same right to park anywhere on the public highway as long as they do not contravene parking restrictions.”

It appears as though some drivers in Nottingham have reacted badly to issues related to parking. The study finds one in eight drivers in Nottingham have confronted a stranger over what they consider to be anti-social parking issues.

Stay safe on the streets

This might seem to be something you are entitled to do, but it can be dangerous.

As Hannah Parsons explains, it’s not a criminal offence. “If a vehicle is parked on your driveway without your permission, they are trespassing. As trespass is a civil and not criminal offence, the police will not always get involved. At most, they may send an officer to try and determine the owner of the vehicle and ask them to move it.”

The research was conducted by Uswitch. Florence Codjoe, a car insurance expert at the firm, said: “Whilst it’s really frustrating to find a vehicle parked outside your home for weeks or months, it’s the decision of your local council as to whether it’s removed. If the vehicle is damaged, causing an obstruction, uninsured and without road tax, it’s likely the council will remove it.”

However, if you know the owner of the vehicle, it’s probably best to have a polite discussion with them before contacting local authorities, as they may not realise how much distress their vehicle is causing you.”

If you are looking for peace of mind in the housing market, finding a home with a dedicated parking space is likely to be important.

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