New Green Quarter For Nottingham?

We all know the importance of green living, and it is fair to say many people make major decisions based on the environmental impact. It is therefore pleasing to see plans for a “Green Quarter” have been submitted to Nottingham City Council.

These plans are for the site of the former Broadmarsh shopping centre, so it is likely many people will be more than familiar with the area.

Many people are working together

While plans like this are often halted by political fighting, the fact that the designs have been placed forward by a collation of community organisations, businesses and residents is a positive sign. Hopefully, this is an indicator that there is a consensus for this work, and there will be desire and drive to see the plans come to light.

The groups pushing for the new venture include:

  • Nottingham Cohousing

  • Nottingham Good Food Partnership

  • Residents

  • Businesses

There is a focus on sustainability, and some of the hoped-for outcomes includes:

  • An integration with nature

  • Affordable eco-housing

  • A-rated green business premises

  • A place to buy fresh food

  • Ventures which offer healthy eating

  • Attractions to draw visitors to the area

  • Urban agriculture

While there is a sense of positivity about these plans, they are the fourth set of plans that have been submitted for the site. With the shopping centre lying empty since into went bust in the summer of 2020, the council have had control of the land. However, nothing has been done, so there is hope these plans will see some progress.

Penney Poyzer, environmentalist and food campaigner said: “Nottingham needs green jobs, so it’s vital that we provide young people in particular with the training and skills to fill those future vacancies. For example, sustainable construction is the way forward but in Nottingham we lack the skills and facilities to create a workforce able to meet new techniques and standards. We need people with growing skills across the spectrum of sustainable urban agriculture: from rooftops to the caves there are opportunities to transform and grow our local food system.”

There is a need for new jobs in Nottingham

The need for new jobs and employment opportunities is well-stated in Nottingham. These changes can make a significant difference to an area, and they will impact the housing market too.

By opting for an environmentally friendly set-up, sustainability will be at the heart of the local area. This can only be positive news.

Jeanne Booth, Nottingham Cohousing said: “As a group we are all committed to the idea that it is possible to live, work and play in the heart of the city and to do it in harmony with nature. Our vision is for a sustainable development that provides homes, work and leisure spaces immersed in an edible urban landscape.”

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