Nottingham Cited As An English Commuter Hotspot

If you have lived in or around Nottingham, you will know it is a fantastic place to stay.

However, with a greater sense of freedom in where people can live and work, it seems as though people are paying greater attention to what Nottingham has to offer. This is a city that benefits from key features such as:

  • A central location in England

  • Extensive transport links

  • Two Universities which support and drive the local economy

  • A rich history people are proud of

  • Affordable housing options

We shouldn’t be surprised at Nottingham being cited as an English commuter hotspot.

We’ve all seen or read stories about how people are moving away from the capital. A study into this subject carried out by Totaljobs suggests 1.6 million Londoners have been working outside of the capital during the lockdown periods. This equates to 26% of the working population.

People have more opportunities to find their ideal home

With greater freedom when it comes to working, people have more opportunities to settle where is right for them. There are many factors that matter for people, and it is easy to see why Nottingham fits the bill for many people looking to leave the capital and set up elsewhere.

One study found that there has been a 23% increase in enquiries from buyers with respect to moving from London to Nottingham.

Steve Parker is a director at FHP Living, and he said; “With a longstanding increase in the number of people moving from the capital to other locations including Nottingham, and new research showing that this is likely to accelerate due to factors such as the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a 23% increase in prospective buyers enquiring about homes in the city.”

Steve Parker continued by saying; “With Nottingham house prices and the cost of living being much more affordable, the city is an attractive destination for buying with exceptional travel links, opportunities for education, not to mention the city’s rich history and beautiful rural surrounding attractions.”

People want to leave London

There has also been a study carried out by PwC that predicts the population of London will decrease this year. If it does, it will be the first time that the capital’s population has fallen this century.

The UK Economic Outlook report by PwC bases this on a survey carried out by the London Assembly in August of last year. 450 London residents were questioned, and 4.5% said they would leave London within 12 months.

It is not always wise to extrapolate a small survey and make a prediction from that. However, it is from this survey that PwC suggests 416,000 London residents could leave. Nottingham has a lot to offer, and it could welcome any number of people exiting the capital.

Some of the reasons cited by FHP Living for people to consider life in Nottingham include:

  • The city has exceptional green credentials, including aims to be the first carbon neutral city in the country by 2028

  • East Midlands Airport is a suitable transport hub

  • There are dozens of trains to and from London each day, offering a simple commute if required

There are also many development projects in Nottingham, and people are paying attention to these changes.

Parker explains: “The thriving property market complements the important work that is taking place to significantly improve the city as a whole in terms of liveability and tourism – and this work includes key regeneration projects such as the Broadmarsh area, The Island Quarter and Southern Gateway, along with other planned landmark developments on London Road, and the restoration of tourist sites such as the historic Nottingham castle and the city’s underground cave system.”

One of the reasons there is growing interest in what Nottingham has to offer lies with the development of new communities in the area. There is something for everyone, and no matter your preference over location, size and specification of your home, Nottingham can meet and exceed your needs.

Parker concluded by saying; “Being in such a central location in the country has allowed Nottingham to flourish over the past few years into a desirable city for workers looking to commute to and from London and elsewhere – you can have all the benefits and convenience of city living here, as well as abundant access to idyllic nature spots and the river, so it’s no surprise that Nottingham is viewed as a prime location for homebuyers and investors alike.”

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