Supporting Local Communities: Cash for Kids 

As a company, we have made the important decision to launch a fundraising campaign for Cash for Kids, a charitable organisation dedicated to improving the lives of underprivileged children in our community. There are several compelling reasons behind our commitment to this cause: Supporting Local Communities: Cash for Kids focuses on assisting children and families […]

Emmanuel House Support Centre 

After our recent postponement, our charity skydive took place on Sunday 10th November and it turned out to be a beautiful day and everyone had fun albeit a little scared to start with. The HoldenCopley team raised a whopping £5,729.31 for our chosen charity Emmanual House, helping the homeless and vulnerable within Nottingham. Emmanuel House […]

Improving Lives

Improving Lives is the local charity that supports adults with complex health and social needs in Nottingham, in particular people with mental health issues.  This has never been more needed than in the past year and the number of people supported has increased by 64%. Improving Lives take referrals for people who are in secondary […]