Creating a Timeless Interior in Your New Home

If you have just bought or moved into your forever home, you might be looking for ways to achieve a timeless looking interior that has the ability to adapt and evolve with your family and style over time. There are a number of ways to capture that timeless look in any home, here are just a few of them.

Keep it Neutral

To achieve a timeless and long-lasting look, you will need to strip your home back to basics. To create a blank canvas for your home aesthetics, keep the walls and woodwork clean and natural. If you have any wood features in your home, then leave them unfinished for a timeless, organic effect. Consider splitting up furniture sets into different rooms so your home doesn’t look overly matched and show your personality through well-placed art or soft furnishings.

Be Realistic

It’s now time to look at the layout of your home and turn it in to one that looks stylish but more importantly fits you, your lifestyle and that of your family. As stunning as your home layout might be in the beginning, timeless is only achieved if it is fit for purpose for many years to come and can stand the test of how you like really live life in your home. If you entertain a lot, open plan might suit you or if you prefer cosy nights in with the family, smaller more comfortable rooms might be in order.

Embrace Quirkiness

Every home has its natural quirks and features that make it unique and embracing the little things that make your home stand out can help you to achieve a timeless interior. Always respect the original architecture which has clearly stood the test of time and model your ideas and improvements around them. Mix old and new seamlessly to create an environment that is functional yet stylish.

Invest In Quality and Utilise Storage Space

Regardless of how you choose to decorate your home, investing in quality furniture and fittings that weather well is an excellent way to achieve a timeless look and feel to your home interior. We all have our day to day baggage but unfortunately clutter doesn’t scream classy or timeless. If you don’t currently have enough storage space for your needs, consider creating some wherever you can. Clever storage solutions can help your home appear more timeless and elegant and won’t be immediately obvious to visitors.  

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