As a landlord, it is vital you focus on what tenants are looking for in rental property, and how you can help them. Knowing what your audience is looking for saves a lot of time and effort, and it can assist you in delivering the best standard of rental property.
While there many challenges for landlords in 2020, it is vital that you remain up to date with all compliance matters. At the start of this year, there was a total of 156 pieces of legislation which English landlords must comply with. This amounts to a 32% increase on the 2010 figures, and new guidelines are being introduced regularly.
The change in stamp duty thershold might only be a temporary measure, but it is one that is likely to impact the property market, and many buyers and vendors. If you are keen to see how it affects the local area, we can help.
In the current climate, virtual viewings are vital. If you are looking to connect with likely buyers, make sure you study the ways to display your home to the best possible standard.

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