Are you a long-term tenant? It’s not always easy navigating the rental market in the UK and it can feel overwhelming when you are trying to find a secure rental property for you and your family. Here are our top tips for tenants in 2023.

Although the supply of available rental homes has declined recently there are still opportunities to find a rental home which suits your needs, you just need to get prepared and ready to act. 

Compare Properties

Always shop around and do your homework when you are looking for a property to rent. Browse the local listings in the areas you are interested in and find out what is a fair market rental rate for the property which suits your needs. This will give you a good idea of the deposit and rent you need to have saved before you start looking. Remember that properties in thriving cities or close to popular amenities will always be more expensive than properties in rural or quieter areas.


Act Fast

Rental properties are being snapped up so you need to act fast when a suitable property becomes available. Register your interest immediately, book a viewing and ensure you have a deposit ready to go to hold the property if you feel it’s the right one for you. It’s easy to get carried away when viewing properties but have a checklist to hand of all the things you need in a property such as number of rooms, a garden etc.

Work with a Professional

It’s always better to seek out a property through a professional letting company or landlord rather than private landlords as this can offer you more security and a higher standard of service for the length of your tenancy. Having a mediator or a designated individual you can call for help when things go wrong is important to protect your tenancy.


Get Your Paperwork in Order

There is nothing worse when you need to move quickly to secure a property than when you don’t have everything you need to hand straight away, this can cause delays or worse, cause you to miss out on the property completely. Ensure you have everything in order before you start your property search including proof of income, references and of course the deposit and first months’ rent.

Your Responsibilities

Always pay your rent on time, stick to the terms of your agreement, keep the property in hood condition, notify the landlord of any issues within the property and always give proper notice when ending the tenancy.

Your Landlord’s Responsibilities

To provide a property which is safe and in good repair, providing fair notice when they need to enter your property for any reason, Not to discriminate against you based on age, sex, race or whether you have children and to follow the correct eviction and notice processes.

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