We made it! Our little cherubs are back in school and normal service is resuming. As fun as the summer holidays are, if the lack of routine has left your home feeling more chaotic than calm, we are here to help. Here are our tips for resetting your home after the summer holidays. Take a breath and let’s dive in.

Get the Kids Involved

Your number one task after the summer holidays is getting all the clutter back in its rightful home before the resetting can begin. This will allow you to work on the rest of your home with purpose. Give each of your children a basket and ask them to walk around the house and place their belongings inside. When you have everything gathered up, they can then be put away in their respective rooms. Take this opportunity to bin any rubbish or broken items as you go.

Carry Out a Toy/Clothes Cull

After being at home all summer, you and the kids should have a fair idea of their most loved toys and the ones they don’t really play with anymore. Now is a good time to donate or sell them on so other children can enjoy them. Do something similar with the whole family’s clothes. Have you got any summer clothing that didn’t fit or you didn’t want to wear this summer? Don’t let them clutter your cupboards until next summer. The kids clothes will be more obvious, will they get next summer out of them?.

Start with the Kitchen

Our kitchens are generally the main hubs of our homes and usually the place which gets most of the traffic over the holidays. Tackling the kitchen first means that no matter how stressful the rest of the house reset gets, you can always return to a bright, clean kitchen for a well-earned cuppa and a pick me up before continuing. Remove clutter first and then tackle one thing at a time.

Write a checklist

We all have lists in our head of things we need to get done, but writing your home checklist down on a piece of paper to get it out of your head and making it actionable can help you beat overwhelm and really allow you to get things done. List the most important jobs first and take it step by step, ticking off as you go, reward yourself every so often to keep up the momentum!

And lastly, your summer memories will last forever, so why not take some time to go back through the photo album on your phone or camera, and print and frame those extra special snaps to remind yourself they are only small once and your house won’t be chaos forever.

What is your favourite way to reset after the summer holidays? We would love to hear your thoughts! If your family have outgrown your home and you are looking to sell, rent or buy, our experts can help you work through your options. Get in touch here.