As we ease towards the winter months, you might be thinking of preparing your home and securing it in anticipation of the colder weather and darker evenings. This is usually for two reasons: To protect your home against the cold weather or storms and intruders who unfortunately love the cover of the darker/colder weather. Let’s take a look at our top tips for securing your home for the winter months.


Removing Temptation

Most intruders or burglars are opportunists and it’s up to us as homeowners to remove the temptation for someone to enter our home or garden. We spend a lot of time out in the garden in the summer so it makes sense for things to be outside and easily accessible. As winter approaches, always put away everything in your garden away and ensure it is securely locked away in the shed. This includes, any ladders and tools, garden furniture or anything else that could be stolen, used to break in or blow away in the wind.


How secure is your garden? Your property should be harder to gain entry to as the darker evenings come in and this could mean some added security such as locks on your gates, trimming any large or overhanging bushes to deter anyone from hiding in them and not leaving spare keys under the proverbial door mat or plant pot! Always look around your property through the eyes of an intruder and secure anything that is vulnerable.


Ensuring that the outside of your home has sufficient light is a one of the best deterrents against intruders. Consider getting floodlights or motion censored lighting installed around your home. Also think about getting an alarm system installed as an added peace of mind that your home is safe against anyone trying to gain access to your home or belongings.


Timer Lights

Do you regularly get home late from work after dark? If so, timer lights or plugs in the home are a fairly inexpensive way to ensure your home looks occupied no matter what time you get home. As well as making intruders think twice, this has the added bonus of your home looking warm and inviting to you when you get home on a dark, cold evening.

Lock Doors and Windows

This one sounds obvious but it’s surprising how many people fail to secure their home until it’s too late. Always make sure your doors and windows are secure and locked if you are going to be out of your home or at night. This will give you the peace of mind you have done your best to secure your home and no one can gain access.

Consider a Monitored Home Alarm System

With the big rise on smart devices for home security, it’s now even easier to monitor your home at all times and it doesn’t always have to cost the earth. There are a few options: The first is a fully monitored alarm system connected to a security company who contact the emergency services on your behalf should anything happen. Another option is a doorbell security camera which connects to your mobile phone and allows you to see who is at the door and even speak to them without opening the door.

We hope this blog has helped you as you prepare your home for the winter months. Although someone entering your home uninvited isn’t a nice thing to think about, this is a reality as a homeowner and something that needs to be thought about in advance. If you are looking for more support and information around being a homeowner, feel free to browse our various blogs here.