There are many reasons why Nottingham is popular with house buyers, and the jobs on offer in the city is an important factor.
At HoldenCopley, we have worked as hard as we can in the past year to assist clients, and make property moves as safe and as effective as possible. We know it has been a challenging year for many people, but the housing market has remained open since May of last year.
The end of the financial year, and the March Budget, creates issues for landlords to consider, and at HoldenCopley, we are on hand to ensure you make informed decisions when running your business.
While the extension to the stamp duty holiday has been an open secret for weeks, it has now been officially confirmed by The Chancellor.
At HoldenCopley, we look to provide as much support as we can for Nottingham landlords. One of the most important tasks we have is connecting landlords and tenants.

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