The stamp duty holiday has inspired a lot of people to move home, and there is a lot of activity in the market. As there is a deadline to the stamp duty savings, people need to move quickly, but this is creating even more demand and pressure in the market.
In recent months, tenant demand has shifted, and in many parts of the country, there is now a greater demand for houses than flats from tenants. This is a major shift, and it is no doubt driven by the lockdown period.
At HoldenCopley, we help landlords make an informed decision. We know 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for the rental sector, and some landlords are concerned that 2021 will follow in a similar pattern.
At HoldenCopley, we take immense pride in supporting local landlords in and around Nottingham. We understand being a landlord is a challenging role, and complying with regulations is a considerable task.
At HoldenCopley, we would like to reassure that with the housing market remaining open, we will be available to assist you in the property market. We will continue to follow the procedures we have used since the property market re-opened in July, and we look forward to assisting you. As long as you are not self-isolating or in quarantine, you are free to move home. If you would like to...

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